How to make Free Anniversary Cards


Free anniversary cards are a way to say that you actually remembered the day. If you are on a tight budget, it might not be possible to give elaborate presents. Here is how to show your significant other that you love them by making & sending free anniversary cards.

Turn on your memory. Make a collage of her favorite personality traits. Find a postcard from your honeymoon, or your first date. She'll be impressed that you can remember the smallest details & it will make her feel special. Free anniversary cards can be the best gift as long as you put thought into them.

Go back to your courtship. When you first started dating you would probably call your loved one a few times a day. Maybe you even wrote poetry or a song. Over time, these things tend to fade away. If you aren't up to writing a new poem, go back & find one of your old ones. You can either add to it, or say that this is even more true now.

Go big or go home. A free anniversary card doesn't have to be a fall back. Turn it into the main event by creating a free online scrap book like the one in the resource section of this article. Use captions to tell the story of how you met or fell in love. Sure, it will take a little bit of time & effort, but it will be worth it.

Turn it into a talkie. You can easily use windows movie maker to take a free anniversary card up a notch. Gather up old pictures or home movies. Set them to your song or even what you danced to at your wedding. If you have Vista, this will be something that she will be pulling out to show her friends for years to come.

While free anniversary cards are most commonly used for wedding anniversaries you can use them for other occasions too. You will score big points if you can remember the exact time of your first date, or the day you first met.