Adult Easter Basket Ideas

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Easter baskets are not just for kids; adults will be surprised when they receive an Easter basket filled with all their favorite things decorated for Easter. When putting a basket together for an adult on your list, pick a theme that speaks to a hobby, sport or anything else your big kid enjoys doing. It is still just fine to include a little Easter candy, but stick mostly to the non-edibles for a basket they will never forget.

The Handyman Basket

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An Easter basket filled with wrenches, screwdrivers and a hammer along with other small tools would be a convenient idea for the handyman on your Easter list. Fill plastic Easter eggs with nuts, bolts and all the little hardware pieces he might need. Throw in a few DIY-type magazines that suggest projects that will appeal to the workman who gets this basket. A ruler, sandpaper and even a box of nails can fill the basket. Wrap the basket in colored cellophane and make a bow out of a measuring tape to top it off.

The Gamer Basket

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For the gamer at heart, fill an Easter basket with scratch tickets and lucky charms. A lucky penny, a keychain with a four-leaf clover or a pair of dice will give the player a feeling of luck. If they enjoy a good bingo game, add some bingo markers and a magnifying glass to see the numbers on the game cards up close. If it is the casino scene they enjoy the most, give them plastic eggs filled with quarters to play the slot machines with. Fill a jar that says "bingo money" with jelly beans to eat now and use the jar to save coins for bingo money later. Throw in a blow-up seat cushion for comfort, and don’t forget the hand sanitizer for handling all the money they will win. Wrap the basket in Easter cellophane and top it off with a big purple bow.

The Sports Lover's Basket

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Score points with the sports fan and fill this Easter basket with sports magazines, baseball cards and even a T-shirt of their favorite team. Pick up a chocolate baseball or football to keep with the tradition of Easter candy. Baseballs and golf balls fit nicely in any basket, with a football possible if the basket is big enough. For someone really special, pick up game tickets for his favorite team. Sunglasses and a sun visor will provide shade for those sunny afternoon games. Use a brightly colored cellophane wrapping and tie it off with a bright Easter bow.

The Cook's Basket

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Give an Easter basket filled with kitchenware and gadgets for the cook in your family. Chicken or bunny pot holders, spatulas, measuring cups and carving knives stay within this basket theme. Bunny coffee mugs, salt and pepper shakers along with a sugar and creamer set will fill this Easter basket to the rim. Stand a cookbook written by one of the trendy cooks in the middle of the basket to finish it off. For the chocolate lover, throw in a few chocolate molds that are in the shape of a bunny, chick, or any other Easter shape. Don't forget the traditional cellophane wrapping.

Wine Easter Basket

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A basket filled with wine will make any wine connoisseur appreciate the tradition of receiving an adult Easter basket. This could also be a hostess gift for the family member or friend putting on the Easter dinner. Make sock puppets that look like bunnies to cover the wine or put simple construction paper bunny faces on each bottle. Use pink or purple cellophane wrapping to finish off the basket.