A Good Gift for a Twelve-Year-Old Girl

Darrin Klimek/Lifesize/Getty Images

A 12-year-old girl isn’t a child anymore, but she hasn’t yet entered her teenage years. Some preteen girls are still kids at heart, while others are very mature. It’s difficult to find a gift for a girl who doesn’t fall into a clear category. Your best bet is to give her something that shows you acknowledge her individuality and understand her interests. Finding a meaningful gift like this isn’t as difficult as it seems.

Media Download

If the girl owns an iPod or MP3 player, she will appreciate a gift card that allows her to download music, videos and books to her mobile device. Find out which program -- like iTunes -- she prefers to use to download media. This allows the 12-year-old to exercise her power of choice, and it also shows that you view her as an individual. Next time you see her, start a conversation by asking what she bought with the gift card.

Beauty Treatments

Preteen girls are intrigued by the world of grownup beauty treatments. Give the 12-year-old a gift card to a local nail salon or spa where she can get a manicure and pedicure. Then take her to a department or cosmetics store where a salesperson can give her a natural-looking mini-makeover and an overview of different makeup products. Buy her a tube of lip-gloss as a take-home gift. This shows you acknowledge that she’s growing up, but make sure that you tell her she’s beautiful just the way she is.

Hobby Gift

If the young girl has a strong inclination for a particular activity or hobby, get her something that encourages her to pursue her passion. It may take some investigating, but the girl’s parents should be able to tell you what she likes. If she enjoys a specific sport, buy her new gear. If she’s good in the kitchen, offer cooking classes. If she likes crafts, replenish her supplies. This shows her that you understand what motivates her, and you support her choices.

Girls' Night Out

Let the preteen have a night on the town with a friend -- and minimal adult involvement. Buy gift cards to a local movie theater and a nearby restaurant. Let the 12-year-old choose a friend to accompany her on the outing. Offer to take the girls to the restaurant where they can dine like grownups, while you sit a few tables away. Then take the girls to the movies and let them sit by themselves. Afterward, treat them to ice cream or a hot chocolate. A gift like this shows that you trust her with a measure of independence.