5 Year Wedding Anniversary Ideas

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The traditional five-year wedding anniversary gift is wood. The alternative gift for this year of marriage is silverware. The traditional flower of this year is the daisy. The gemstone is the sapphire, with the alternative being pink tourmaline. With all of these choices, there is an abundance of five-year wedding anniversary ideas.


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Wood comprises so many of the things we want and need that it should be easy to find a gift that has at least some wood in it. If you have the money to spend, then consider purchasing new furniture. If money is a little more scarce, then consider such items as tools (for woodworking), planters for gardening, or a simple decoration that declares your love for your spouse.


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Silverware may not seem like a very romantic five-year anniversary gift idea, but it can be, when it is done right. You must consider whether you already have a set of silver and the style of the set. Make sure to purchase the same style in order to keep things uniform. After purchasing the silverware, consider creating a romantic meal to go along with it. Set the lights down low, light some candles, put on some mood music, and set the table with your new silverware. It will be a night to remember.


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The official gemstone of the five-year anniversary is the sapphire, which is a deep blue, sometimes purplish in color. It can be expensive, which is why there is the alternative option of the pink tourmaline which is slightly less expensive. When purchasing jewelry, make sure that you know what type of jewelry she prefers and in what sizes. For instance, make sure to check her ring size, what length necklace she prefers, and whether she prefers stud earrings, hoops or dangle earrings.