30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Husbands

wife and husband image by Jarek Miarka from Fotolia.com

A 30th birthday serves as a milestone moment for most people, including married men. Many 30-year-old married men settle into a career, buy a home and begin raising children. A 30th birthday gift for your husband can reflect upon his current life and interests or celebrate his life up until to this point.

Treasured Artifacts

Arrange a scrapbook that journals your time together as a couple in your 20s. Include such items as photos, plane tickets for previous vacations, concert tickets from a meaningful date and, if applicable, hospital ID bracelets for your kids or pressed flowers from your wedding boutonniere or bouquet. Leave blank spaces at the end of the scrapbook to document your future adventures together. Assemble 30 small gifts celebrating your husband’s life thus far, including a favorite childhood toy or a key chain that features his alma mater.


Enroll in lessons or classes together at a local community center or junior college. For instance, sign you and your husband up for photography, cooking, dance or golf lessons. Test out your new skills, respectively, by touring the city with your camera, cooking dinner together, enjoying a night of dancing or spending a day out on the golf course. A gym membership remains ideal for workout gurus and couples looking to get in shape. Sign up for yoga classes together as well.

Outdoor Gear

Many young men enjoy the great outdoors. For those husbands, plan a camping trip, complete with hiking excursions and fishing opportunities. Include a selection of items geared toward the outdoor adventure, like camping tents for two, sleeping bags and fishing poles. Additional accessories include such gift ideas as tackle boxes, sleeping pads, backpacks, binoculars and hiking boots. For added protection, include a compass, safety whistles, mosquito nets and hydration packs. Include a guide book on local hikes or nearby campsites for future vacations.