25th Wedding Gift Ideas for a Husband

Watch image by Aqeel Ahmed from Fotolia.com

A 25th wedding anniversary is a milestone and is celebrated as the silver anniversary. Anniversary gifts should celebrate the time together and signify what is hoped to be many more years of marriage. Anniversary gifts for the husband can be sentimental and smart.


A silver timepiece is a practical and stylish gift. He can wear it during the week for work and then sport it when out on the weekends. A good watch is more of a staple than an accessory for a man, so he can wear it daily and always think of you when he looks to see what time it is. Think about getting the watch engraved with a special message or date. If you think your husband would prefer it, then give him a silver pocket watch with a matching chain.

Money Clip

A silver money clip will allow your husband to carry his cash and cards with style. Money clips are a good alternative to bulky wallets, and allow easy front-pocket accessibility. Engrave the clip with his initials to give it a more-personal touch.

Cuff Links

Sterling silver cuff links will help him look his best on any special occasion. Think about getting them engraved with his family crest or his initials.

Tie Clip

A silver tie clip will help him look more professional at the office and also will help him distinguish his personal style. In addition to the tie clip, add to the present a few new ties or include a gift certificate to his favorite haberdashery so he can add to his collection.


Gifts do not need only be made out of silver; they can be silver in color, also. If the timing and finances are right, a new silver luxury sedan would be a most memorable gift. If new is not his style, then find the vintage model that he drove in high school, either in top shape or, if he likes to work on cars, it can be a suitable project car.

Silver Dollars

Give him a large amount of silver dollars and say they are good for future purchases; for instance, one silver dollar gets him out of yard work, or 10 silver dollars get him a weekend to himself. Give him a homemade price guide to go along with the money so he can plan his purchases.