21st Happy Birthday Message Ideas

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A happy 21st birthday message comes in many forms. You can deliver this message on specialized cakes or create a less obvious birthday message. The birthday boy is sure to appreciate his special wishes on such a significant birthday, regardless of the method of delivery. Deliver a personalized message yourself or ask friends and family to get involved so that you can deliver a bundle of messages at once.

Message in a Balloon with a Bouquet or Roses

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A romantic message works well for someone who wants to deliver the message in a special way. Write a love letter to the birthday girl and tell her how special she is. You can also write a poem or remind her about why this particular birthday is treasured. Roll the piece of paper up and slide it through the neck of a balloon. Tie the balloon so the message is secure inside. Deliver the balloon in person with a bouquet of red roses.

A Cake For Every Year

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Order 21 different small cakes for the birthday girl. Ask friends and family members to come with special words or sayings that remind them of her for each year of her life. The sayings should fluctuate drastically as each year goes by. This will take some investigation on your part. For instance, cake number two can include her first words and cake number 16 can describe some of her accomplishments during this time of her life. For instance, you could say "Soccer Champ" on cake 16 if she played soccer in high school.

Each cake should reflect something special about that year whether it's a saying, words to describe her personality or an accomplishment. Highlight a different theme for each cake. Cake #1 can have baby blocks on it to represent being a baby and cake #16 should have a soccer theme. Display the cakes on a large table at the party and make sure that the birthday girl gets a chance to read each message on the cakes before everyone digs in. You may want to also feature different flavors such as carrot, strawberry and chocolate.


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You can also send a message to the birthday boy through your own artistic ability. Take the time to draw or paint him a picture of something that reminds you of him. Write a letter on the back of the drawing and tell him why you decided to draw a particular animal or object. For instance, you could choose an eagle because he is noble and honest. Certain animals, flowers and other symbols hold special meaning.