1st Birthday Gift Ideas For a Girl

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A first birthday is an exciting time. When a little girl reaches her first birthday it is a big milestone. It indicates the cross between infant to toddler. Choosing that perfect gift for her does not have to be difficult. There are many options for a little girl’s first birthday gift that range from inexpensive to expensive.

Birthday Girl Gifts

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Even though she probably will not understand what the big to-do is about her birthday, buying a gift that is focused on her as the birthday girl is a great idea. There are tee shirts available that say Birthday Girl or My First Birthday that will help announce to the world that she has reached this big step in her life. There are even sets that will include tee shirts and birthday cake toys. Birthday cake toys are plush birthday cakes, some which have a place for a photograph to be inserted, and are filled with birthday themed toys such as stuffed cupcakes and stuffed party hats. Another option is a plush photo album. Child friendly photo albums are soft covered and have slots inside like a normal photo album. By placing photos of family inside it helps her learn the names of the different people in her life. The benefit to these albums is they are soft, she cannot hurt herself on them and they are hard to destroy.

Personalized Gifts

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There are many gifts available that can be personalized for your little birthday girl. If she is still wearing bibs to keep her clothes clean when she eats, have a bib made with her name on it. Many baby specialty stores have stuffed animals that can be personalized as well. Another great personalized gift is a chair or rocking chair that is child-sized. Giving your daughter a chair just for her will help her feel like the big girl she is.


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If you are unsure of what to buy a little girl on her first birthday, gift cards to toy stores are a fun idea. Take your little one to the toy store and watch her eyes light up as she looks at all the toys and is allowed to pick whatever she wants. If you prefer to buy a specific gift, there are lots of choices. Wooden puzzles help her explore her new found motor skills. Walking toys, such as popcorn poppers in pink, are fun toys as well and will help encourage her to walk if she is not already. Bath toys are also sure to please. Most 1 year olds enjoy bath time and getting to splash about.