What to Get a 19-Year-Old Boyfriend for His Birthday

Goodshoot RF/Goodshoot/Getty Images

Your boyfriend's 19th birthday is coming up, and you have no idea what to get him. You likely can't afford to get him a big-ticket item like a gaming system or a car, and you can't just buy him jewelry like you might for a girlfriend. But there are some things out there that would probably please your boyfriend.

For the music fan

Alomst any guy likes music, so try surprising him with tickets to see his favorite band. You probably already know what kind of music he likes, so keep an eye out for shows in your area a few weeks in advance and get some tickets. Not much live music in your area? Other ideas include concert posters (bonus points if they're signed), iTunes gift cards and subscriptions to music magazines like "Spin" and "Rolling Stone."

For the sports fanatic

If your boyfriend is a serious baseball fan or gets fired up about college football,, try a sports-themed gift. He'll probably appreciate a jersey, especially if it's rare or signed. He'd also enjoy sports paraphernalia -- helmets, gloves, shoes (if you know his size). Of course, tickets to a game would be wonderful, especially if it's a playoff game. He might also enjoy a subscription to a sports magazine.

The creative guy

If your boyfriend has creative hobbies, like art, writing or photography, there are a variety of gifts you can get him that will tap into his creative side. If he paints, get him a new set of paintbrushes or a couple of canvases. A writer would appreciate a good reference book. Is he a budding musician? Try some cool guitar picks or a new set of drumsticks.

The film buff

Guys usually like TV and movies. Your boyfriend might appreciate a boxed set of all of the seasons on his favorite TV show. A Netflix subscription is also sure to be a hit. You could also give him a gift certificate to a site like Amazon.com, where he can pick out movies.. A book of passes to a movie theater can be fun as well; he'll probably take you on a few great movie dates!