10 Most Useful Money Apps

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With a smartphone in almost every pocket these days, keeping track of your financial situation is easier than ever. Overdrafts, late fees and buyer's remorse can be a thing of the past, thanks to apps that notify you when balances are low or bills are due and help you find the best deal on just about anything.

Mint.com Personal Finance (iOS, Android; free)

If creating and sticking to a budget tops your list of financial resolutions, check out the Mint.com mobile app, which puts all of the elements from the popular website at your fingertips. You can securely pull your bank account and credit card information into the app, and it will help you create a budget, develop savings goals, categorize your spending into buckets like food and entertainment and send you low balance alerts and bill reminders.

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Concur (iOS, Android, BlackBerry; subscription required)

Jet-setting business travelers can ditch that briefcase full of crumpled receipts with Concur, an app designed to streamline expense reporting. Just snap a photo of a receipt, and the app automatically records all the pertinent details, such as the date, time, amount and the vendor’s name. Within Concur, you can record credit card data directly to expense reports, attach receipts and submit them for approval -- all without having to be in the office. The app is free, but requires a monthly subscription; fees start at $8.

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TurboTax SnapTax (iOS, Android; free)

TurboTax’s SnapTax app helps you do your taxes and cuts down on tedious typing by allowing you to upload an image of your W-2. The information it contains is automatically extracted and filled in for you; just answer a few quick questions and you’ll be finished in no time. SnapTax is designed for 1040EZ or 1040A filers. The app is free to download and use, but you’ll have to pay an e-filing fee to actually submit your tax return to the IRS.

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Pageonce Money & Bills (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone; free)

Pageonce Money & Bills is hardly the first financial app to connect to your bank accounts, but it takes that concept a step further by adding the ability to track other types of accounts that are important to you, such as frequent-flyer miles and cell phone usage. A glance at the home screen tells you everything you need to know about your current financial state, with tiles for cash, bills, investments, credit card debt and -- should you choose to subscribe to this option -- your current credit score. With bill reminders and the ability to schedule payments directly from the app, you'll likely never be late again.

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CNBC Real-Time (iOS; free)

If you can’t go more than a few minutes without worrying about your portfolio’s trajectory, CNBC Real-Time provides up-to-date stock quotes before, during and after market hours, direct from the NYSE and NASDAQ. The app also features company profiles, expert opinions, global market news, breaking news alerts and more than 150 new videos each day from CNBC analysts and guests.

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iAllowance (iOS; $3.99)

Ditch the piggy bank and paper chore chart for iAllowance, an app designed for kids. With options for automatic allowance deposit, chore tracking, expense management and more than 150 supported currencies, the app is fun and educational at the same time. If you prefer to reward your kids with something other than cold hard cash, you can switch the currency in your iAllowance bank to stars instead.

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RedLaser (iOS, Android, Windows Phone; free)

RedLaser is a comparison shopping app that allows you to find the best price on products. You search the product by keyword, or by using your smartphone’s camera to scan a bar code, and the app will display a list of online and local vendors carrying the product, along with prices, to help you find the best deal.

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GasBuddy (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone; free)

The app GasBuddy is indispensable to everyone who would rather keep their money in the bank instead of the gas tank. With a single tap, the app quickly pulls up the most recently posted gas prices from nearby service stations and convenience stores, making it easy to choose the location with the best deal. If you’re in an unfamiliar area, you can tap “Map” and get point-to-point directions to the station of your choice. Gas prices are crowd-sourced, so it’s not always 100-percent accurate, but you can see when the most recent prices were posted.

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Credit Karma Mobile (iOS; free)

Credit Karma is a free -- yes, really, truly, no-strings-attached free -- credit monitoring app that helps you keep an eye on your current credit status. In addition to providing your TransUnion credit score, Vantage score and Auto Insurance score, you can see what factors are affecting your scores and find tips for raising them. The app also protects you against fraudulent activity and potential reporting errors by alerting you when changes are posted to your credit report.

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PayPal Mobile (iOS, Android, BlackBerry; free)

No roundup of financial apps would be complete without PayPal, the most popular way to send and receive money online. From the moment it opens, the mobile version is as user-friendly and intuitive as you’d expect it to be, even allowing users to sign in with a phone number and PIN if they want to avoid typing out a long email address/password combination. The home screen displays the current balance prominently at the top with recent transactions below. You can send and request money directly from the app, and a tap on the “Local” tab brings up listings of nearby businesses that accept PayPal.

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