10 Best Retirement Gifts for a Man

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The age-old tradition of giving retirement gifts still continues. Although the tradition remains, the gifts have changed over the years. There are many wonderful gift ideas for the man who is retiring. With a bit of thought and creativity, your gift can be a hit.


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The watch is a tried-and-true retirement gift. The watch should be modernized; an analog watch would be preferred. Many watches also come with year calendars, which make them handy.

Club Membership

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If the man who is retiring is athletic, a membership to a local gym or sports club might be suitable. It would be wise to check and see if he already has such a membership before purchasing one.


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After many years of working, the man who is retiring could use a vacation for both him and his partner. If the company is large or has the resources, a cruise could be the perfect retirement gift.

Membership to a Golf Club

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The retired man will have all the time on his hands to participate in his favorite sport. If he is an avid golfer, a membership to his favorite golf club might be a good idea. Make sure you are not repeating a membership he already has.

Tickets to His Favorite Sports Team

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If the man in question loves sports, tickets to his favorite sports team might be a great idea. As it is better to go with someone, buying two tickets would be a nice gesture.

Dinner Theater Tickets

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Dinner theater tickets are a great gift for a man who is retiring. Two tickets would be in order for him and the misses.

Engraved Plaque or Trophy

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Many men would prefer a gift that would remind them of their successes in the work world. An engraved plaque or trophy would be a good idea for this type of man. Including some remark about his work successes or number of years would be appropriate.

Gift Basket-Related to His Hobby

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Since the retiree will have a lot of leisure time on his hand, a gift basket-related to his favorite hobby would be a good gift. From cooking to arts to sports, gift baskets are a creative and fun way to remember someone.

An Evening Out

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A gift certificate to his favorite restaurant and tickets to a movie or play would provide leisure for both the retiree and his significant other.

Dinner Cruise

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If you live near a port or river city, tickets to a dinner cruise would be a fun and creative gift. Shop which cruise you choose, as some merely serve dinner. Others provide entertainment such as dancing and gambling.