What to Wear With Red Boots

Red boots can either complement or harm the look of an outfit. Because red is a color that goes well with neutral colors such as beige, black, and white these colors are likely the logical choice for a handbag, dress, skirt, shirt, or pants. Pairing neutral colors with red boots will create an aesthetically pleasing ensemble where the neutral colors will complement the red color of the boots.

Start From Bottom to Top

When creating an outfit, its a good idea to start from the bottom and move up to the top, that way you can obtain a general idea of how the outfit should look. When using this method, the shoes are the first thing to start with and in this case the shoes happen to be red boots. Therefore, the next step would be to choose between a dress, skirt, or pants. Due to the flashy nature of red boots, it would likely be best to choose a neutral or matching colored skirt or dress. Dresses or skirts in red, black, white, beige, or brown would be a very pleasing fit due to the contrast between those colors and red. If choosing a skirt, one must choose a shirt that matches both the skirt and the boots. If the outfit you've chosen so far consists of a red skirt and red boots, its best not to pick a red shirt. All colors are best when presented in moderation. This has to do with the way that the brain interprets colors and symbols. When choosing a shirt for this outfit it's best to choose either black, white, beige, or gray because this will create a look that is generally pleasing to the eye.

Choosing a Matching Handbag

Choosing a handbag is essentially part of creating an outfit. A handbag that would go well with red boots would be red, white, black, beige, gray, or pink. The style of handbag depends heavily on the style of the skirt or dress and of the shirt. If the skirt has ruffles then of course a handbag with ruffles in one of the previously mentioned colors would match.

Carefully Add Accessories

Accessories are optional, of course, but should still be considered. For earrings, gold or silver hoops would be an excellent match with the red boots and possibly even red earrings, if there isn't a lot of red in the outfit already. Any set of earrings that are red, white, black, or pink would go well with the red boots as well. Necklaces should have one or more of the previously mentioned colors along with bracelets and hats. Remember that each color must be used in moderation.