Wedding Vow Renewal Checklist

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Renewing your wedding vows is a way to reaffirm your love and commitment to each other -- whether it be 10, 25 or even 50 years from your original wedding day -- and let the world know you say "I do" to your spouse all over again. Celebrate your marriage and renew your love with an intimate family gathering or go all out with a huge party with all your family and friends.

Guest List and Invitations

Create a guest list based on the size and type of vow renewal celebration you are planning -- whether a small, intimate ceremony with just close family; a large, elaborate party with all your family and friends or something in between. Mail out invitations around six weeks ahead of time and note the formality of the occasion so guests know how to dress.

Ceremony and Reception Location

Select a location for the ceremony and reception that has special meaning to both you and your spouse. For a sentimental option, choose to renew your vows at the same venue as your original wedding. If you could not afford your dream wedding the first time, use this opportunity to create your ideal day and go with a luxury location such as a tropical destination or a five-star hotel ballroom.


There is more flexibility when selecting someone to officiate the vow renewal ceremony since you were already officially married by a person licensed to perform wedding ceremonies during the original wedding. So choose a person that has a special place in your life, from the individual who performed the first ceremony, to a close friend or even a grown child.

Flowers and Decorations

Reuse the same color theme from your wedding day and recreate your bouquet or choose a completely new look to symbolize a new time in your life with your spouse. Decorations for a small affair can be as simple as flowers and candles or for a larger reception, add centerpieces, linens and lighting to complete the look. Showcase your married life for your guests by displaying framed pictures of your wedding day and other favorite photos of your time spent together throughout the years.


There are a variety of choices when selecting attire for the vow renewal ceremony. The bride can choose to wear her original wedding dress or opt for a new formal gown or cocktail dress, depending on the formality of the event. The groom can wear a tuxedo, suit or if applicable, his military dress uniform.


Hire a professional photographer to capture all the special moments on your renewal day and even recreate some of your favorite poses and shots from your original wedding. For a less expensive option, have a trusted family member or friend use a video camera to tape the ceremony and record guest commentary at the reception.

Reception Food and Drinks

Plan a reception following the ceremony so you and your spouse can celebrate and enjoy the company of your family and friends who attended the vow renewal. For a small gathering, plan an intimate family dinner or a cocktail party with appetizers and drinks . For a large guest list, plan a big blowout reception complete with dinner, dancing and cake.

Second Honeymoon

Plan a second honeymoon to celebrate the renewing of your vows. Return to your original honeymoon destination and relive the trip or choose an elaborate luxurious getaway that you have always dreamed of to commemorate the occasion. A less expensive choice would be to stay close to home and spend a few days at a local bed and breakfast or rent a large suite at an upscale hotel.