Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Your twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is a very special day. Known as the silver anniversary, two of the symbols of the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary are silver and the iris. By incorporating these two symbols into your twenty-fifth wedding anniversary celebration you are creating a good starting place for your celebration ideas.

Silver and the Iris

The use of silver as one of the two symbols for the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is meant to denote the radiance of the relationship. The iris symbolizes the faith and wisdom of the couple as well as their hope for the future. Either one or a combination of the two symbols can be used as either a gift idea or a celebration theme.


Traditional silver gifts such as picture frames, platters, and goblets can be personalized using engraving. Another gift idea is to combine the two symbols of the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and gift the couple with a silver iris. A more personal approach would be to collect copies of favorite pictures from the friends and family of the couple from the past twenty-five years. Compile all of the pictures into a scrapbook as a gift from everyone.


Reaching the milestone of a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is definitely something to celebrate. You can go the traditional route with your decor and use a silver theme. Silver flatware, balloons, vases, or silver-rimmed place settings will accent your decor. The use of too much silver will be overwhelming so try to keep it to a minimum and use other colors such as black or maroon. You can also skip the traditional theme and have a party that reflects the couple. For instance, if the couple likes to travel to Europe, host a Parisian party. You can decorate the interior to look like a cafe and have a menu of French food.