Tricks for How to Layer Pantyhose for Warmth

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If you’ve ever shivered while wearing a skirt in the wintertime, you know the inconveniences and discomfort that fashion can cause. However, if you absolutely have to or want to wear a skirt during weather that warrants long underwear, there is a way to stay reasonably warm: Layer pantyhose. You don’t need to layer three or more pairs to stay toasty, as that's just uncomfortable and impractical. Instead, you can strategically wear pantyhose with just two layers for maximum warmth.

Step into a pair of opaque pantyhose with cotton and microfiber inclusions. This type of pantyhose will give you the most warmth. Select a color that best matches your flesh color.

Pull the pantyhose up against your legs slowly until the waistband is up against your stomach.

Adjust and straighten the pantyhose; pull up the stocking portion of the pantyhose so you don't feel like it's sagging down from your body. It's important that this first layer is as comfortable as possible.

Step into your outer layer of pantyhose, selecting any type and color you like. Slowly pull this layer on, being careful not to disturb the placement of the first pantyhose you put on. Pull the waistband up onto your waist, and gently pull the nylon stocking slowly up over the first layer of nylon stockings.