The Best Holiday Gifts for Men 25 to 35

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As the holidays roll around, ideas for the the best holiday gift to give your man swirl through your mind. As your man is between 25 to 35 years of age, think tech gifts as this generation grew up with media. Choose from quirky gadgets, electronic devices or traditional gifts to wrap.


Give your 25- to 35-year-old man something funky, fun and quirky. Give him an item reminiscent of his childhood, but with a twist such as a SoundWave MP3 Player shaped like a Transformer or lights shaped like Legos. Or, give him a conversation piece for his kitchen, such as the all-in-one toaster that toasts bread and cooks an egg on the side, or chip bowls made from old rock-n-roll albums. You may also choose pens crafted from wood salvaged from torn-down baseball parks, or cufflinks recycled from computer's circuit board.

Electronic Gadgets

As many men of this age group are techies, an electronic gadget is sure to please. Choose from a wide selection of devices to recharge their gadgets, such as the powermat, multiple-gadget charging stations or iHome. If he doesn't already have one in his vehicle, give him a GPS device, or consider a touch pad graphing calculator. Other possibilities include a new toy to play with like a LED multicolored animated art cube, or a remote-controlled flying helicopter, motorboat or car.


Give a traditional gift to your 25- to 35-year-old man. Clothing is often appreciated; consider a leather coat, a pair of jeans or some boots. Select a nice, substantial piece of jewelry for him made out of platinum like a linked bracelet or a signet ring, or wrap up his favorite cologne, hair or shaving supplies. He might also be happy with tickets to his favorite sport team along with team logo gear like caps, shirt, coolers, banners and bumper stickers. Select CDs, DVDs and video games for his pleasure or pick him up a grill with some barbecue sauce.


Give a wine sampler box to your man if he is into wine, or a golf organizer storage case if he enjoys teeing off. Other possibilities include etched wine glasses, a wine and cheese platter or waterless cookware. He might like theater, orchestra or symphony tickets, or for fun give him a pass to the stock car driving course. Consider gifts of high-quality clothing like a linen dress white shirt, a cashmere sweater or a leather glove set. A nice pear of cufflinks would go nicely with the shirt along with a leather wallet and belt.


Many guys between 25 to 35 years of age appreciate green gifts. Select a mini power center that harnesses the sun and wind to charge his phone, iPod or digital camera device. Choose a Fabrik power drive, which is made of bamboo and recycled aluminum, or a LED lamp. Wow him with a SolarVoltaic laptop bag, which can charge his laptop or a USB battery charger. Another possibility is an ATP 4GB EarthDrive, a USB flashdrive from a green company that gives back to the environment.