The Best Gifts for 8-9-Year-Old Girls

Many eight and nine-year-old girls tend to still like dolls but also want to be grown up. Choosing a gift for a girl at this age can be difficult but not impossible. It is best to know a little about what the eight or nine-year-old girl likes or what she does in her spare time in order to choose the perfect gift.


Jewelry can be bought for any age. The hard part is just picking the style. Pop star jewelry is trendy for eight and nine-year-olds. A necklace with a favorite item could go over well. Initials as a charm have always been trendy, but nicknames and full names work as well.


Most girls love to sing and dance or even do karaoke. Have a sales person at a music or media store, or someone else who would know what is popular, help you find something age appropriate for the girl. Additionally websites that provide music downloads may offer gift certificates. Check, or for these gift cards. Parents may have preferences as to what they want their children to listen to, so it's a good idea to check first.


Electronics for eight and nine-year-olds can include music players, cameras, cell phones or handheld games. You should consider the maturity level of the girl before choosing the electronic that would most fit her. While MP3 players are nice, some girls just aren't ready to take care of something that expensive.


Most eight and nine-year-old girls love to read magazines. Some great girl magazines are "Discovery Girls Magazine," "Girl’s Life Magazine," "American Girl Magazine," "Nickelodeon Magazine" and "National Geographic Kids Magazine."Magazines can also depend on the girls maturity. Some girls at this age still enjoy magazines like "Your Big Backyard" and "Turtle," though others are already into Teen Pop Magazines. Buying her a subscription gives her something to look forward to all year.