The Best Clothing Brands for Young Men

For young men who want to look their best, fashion is a big deal; it's not just a "girl thing." From the studious geek to Mr. Hunk, every young man has his own definition of stunning. Nothing can beat the top brands when it comes to purchasing clothes. The best brands put particular emphasis on comfort and quality, and you'll get everything you pay for.


For shirts, the best brands in the business are The Gap, JCrew, America Eagle Outfitters, Old Navy and American Apparel. These brands are cost-effective and offer a wide range of designs for young men, from t-shirts, hooded jackets and sweatshirts to long-sleeved shirts and polos, all available in various colors and sizes. All these brands have brick-and-mortar and online stores, so you can view shirt options and make purchases in-person or via the Internet.

Jeans and Casual Pants

Brands such as Levi’s, Old Navy, LL Bean, American Eagle Outfitters, Eddie Bauer, Blue Fly and The Gap have really good designs and sizes of casual pants and jeans for young men, offering options for the smallest frame to those who are in the XXL range. Levi’s is perhaps the most popular brand, with its "age-old" Levi’s 501 and 505 leading the way.

Work Gear

Clothes that are worn to work need to be durable. Sears has a line of work gear called Work Wear, offering many durable and affordable designs and colors in its online stores. Brands like Aramark, Dickies, and Uniforms Manufacturing Inc. also have a wide variety of work wear for young men, designed with both durability and style in mind.

Ties, Socks and Belts

Brands such as Gold Toe, The Gap, Old Navy and Blue Fly have a variety of socks and belts in their collections. Their designs range from simple to hip-hop styles. Banana Republic, JCrew and LL Bean also have a good range of belts and different sizes and colors. For neckties, you can try out J. Raffiani, an online store that specializes in men's handmade ties made from 100% Italian silk.