The Best Anniversary Celebration Ideas

by Andi Collins ; Updated September 28, 2017

Celebrate with the champagne you had at your wedding.

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Anniversaries are a time to celebrate a successful year of marriage. There are many ways to celebrate this milestone, depending on your preferences and situation. When planning your anniversary celebration, take time to determine what options best suit your marriage and your partner's preferences.

First Date

Recreate your first date for your wedding anniversary. Go to the same restaurant and make arrangements to sit at the same table as before. If you exchanged gifts, such as flowers or candy, purchase the same type. You can rent the same movie that you saw on your first date or go to the same theater and see a new movie. End your date in the same way, even having a goodnight kiss outside your house.

Weekend Getaway

Plan a weekend for you and your spouse to get away to your favorite place or one that you have always wanted to visit. Make reservations at a quaint bed and breakfast or nice hotel. Some will have an anniversary package that you can purchase to go along with your stay, or they may provide special amenities in your room upon your arrival, including fresh flowers, wine and strawberries. Plan special things to do together in the area, such as a wine tasting, a spa day or a picnic.

Second Honeymoon

Plan a second honeymoon as an anniversary surprise for your spouse, or take one that you never had the opportunity to take. Make arrangements to go to a location you both have wanted to visit, such as the Caribbean, Europe or Hawaii. Make all the arrangements, including booking the hotel and airline tickets, and present it to your spouse. Either plan the vacation around your anniversary, or give the trip to your spouse on your anniversary and plan it for a better time to visit the area you are traveling to.

Renew Your Vows

Have a vow renewal ceremony on your anniversary complete with your close family and friends as witnesses. Plan a small ceremony, mimicking your wedding on a smaller scale, and have a reception party afterward. You will be recommitting yourselves to each other and celebrating your marriage, while sharing the love that has grown between you. You can also include your children, who may not have been present on your wedding day.

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