Simple Pastor Appreciation Ideas

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Pastoring is one of the most under-appreciated jobs. The month of October is deemed Pastor Appreciation Month, but other than that it is easy to forgot the good and dedication they bring throughout the entire year. For pastors to continue to do their work and offer their service, they need to feel appreciated. Appreciation does not need to be a huge gift – simple actions can show your pastor how much you appreciate what he does.

Written Appreciation

Show your pastor appreciation through writing. A simple card or letter can thank him for what he does and show appreciation for his dedication to God and to you. Written words of appreciation can be a keepsake for your pastor to review again and again. If you have kids, have them make a card and send it with yours.

A Monetary Donation

Show your appreciation to your pastor by sending a donation to the church or to a charity in his name. Or send the pastor a gift card to a restaurant or a store. Either way, a financial gift does not need to be large – the gift just needs to show appreciation.


A pastor’s job can be isolating and lonely. Even if a pastor has a family, the late hours of work often keep him away from his family. Offer to make your pastor and his family a dinner so they can spend time together. You can also have your pastor over for dinner at your home. A pastor doesn’t get to have much socialization outside of his pastoral duties, so having him over for dinner will be very much appreciated.


Offer your pastor a distinctive gift. Flowers and balloons can be fun, as are an inscribed Bible or picture. Have your kids get in on the action and make a gift for your pastor. It doesn’t matter how much you spend – the only thing that matters is that your pastor knows he is appreciated, and that his hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed.