Senior Graduation Table Decoration Ideas

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When high school or college seniors graduate, you may find yourself planning a party in their honor. Graduation parties are a great way to celebrate their achievements. To make the party festive, decorate the tables. Whether it's a buffet table or a dining table, decorations will make the party memorable.

School-Color Decorations

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A fun way to decorate the tables at a graduation party is to use school colors. If the high school colors were magenta and gold, feature these in the decorations. For example, the plates could be magenta while the napkins could be gold. If you buy confetti to sprinkle on the tables, consider using the school colors for this as well. Party shops also sell decorations that fit into flowerpots used as centerpieces. For instance, there are shiny tinsel bursts that come out from skewers and toothpicks. Find some in the school colors and stick these in the middle of the table.

Some graduation parties celebrate the future more than past achievements. High school students that have been accepted into college often celebrate their new school rather than their old one at a graduation party. Because of this, you may want to use the colors of the new school rather than the old one. For example, Harvard's color is crimson, while violet is the main color of New York University.

Graduate Pictures

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Some of the most popular decorations at graduation parties are pictures of the graduate. You can incorporate these pictures when decorating the tables. Create graduate masks by printing out life-sized pictures of the graduate's face. Affix these to Popsicle sticks or tongue depressors so guests can pretend they're the graduate. Place several of these at each table so everyone can participate.

Photo murals are popular at graduation parties. You can make smaller versions of these murals to use at each of the tables. Pick out 8-by-10 or 5-by-7 photo frames that can stand up on a table. Fill them will small murals of at least four pictures of the graduate per frame. Set one or two of these murals on each table so guests can get a good look at the graduate's growth over the years.

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