Fun Things to Talk About With Your Wife

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Life can be complicated and stressful with finances, kids and aging parents. In any marriage, it's important to find the balance between dealing with these important issues while also enjoying the special relationship with your spouse. Have fun with each other and laugh as you discuss fun topics because, as "Psychology Today" reports, couples who do so are more satisfied with their relationship as a whole.

Future Dreams and Plans

Talk about the future, including both your individual plans and aspirations as a couple. If you always had a dream to go back to school to become a doctor, tell your wife about it. Discuss the desire to raise a family with her and to take cooking classes after you retire so you can take care of her when she is old. Even if you never end up following through with these desires, talking about them with your significant other brings you closer as a couple.

Hobbies and Interests

Discuss the things you both enjoy doing in your spare time. Talk about your love of hunting and listen to your wife tell you about her most recent scrapbook project. Doing so allows your wife to see your creative side, instead of just a husband who works all day at the office. She may be tired of hearing you talk about football, but if it's an interest of yours, discuss it with her. She'll appreciate that you are talking about something that brings happiness to you. The same rings true for your wife -- allow her to talk about a topic that interests her that you personally may find uninteresting.


Discuss travel, both past trips and vacations you'd like to take with each other. Reminisce about the warm, sandy beaches of Hawaii where you spent your honeymoon. Talking about this may help you put current relationship stressors in perspective because you are reminded of a time you two were incredibly happy together. In addition, consider planning a trip together. Even if it's not financially feasible at the moment, plan your dream trip to Europe with each other. Research places you'd like to visit and the hotel where you'd like to stay and write them down. You never know -- you may have the opportunity to take your dream trip with each other sometime in the upcoming years. Regardless, doing so brings you two together as you dream about kissing atop the Eiffel Tower.

Additional Considerations

As you discuss these fun topics, ensure you keep a few other things in mind. Don't forget to include a bit of humor. According to the "Mayo Clinic," laughter reduces overall stress and improves your mood. Just because you wish to keep your subjects fun doesn't mean you can't have deeper conversations within those topics. In a study published in "Psychological Science," Dr. Matthias R. Mehl and his colleagues discovered that the deeper the conversation, the happier people felt afterward. In addition, as you discuss dreams and aspirations, avoid any judgment. This is the time to listen to one another and enjoy each other's company.