How to Become a Disney Wedding Planner

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Walt Disney World and other Disney properties are known as places where dreams come true. Disney weddings are growing in popularity, with weddings planned and conducted on Disney properties every day. Disney wedding planners customize each wedding so every couple experiences their fairy tale wedding. Disney cast members take care of everything. Disney started hosting weddings and providing planners in 1991.

Become a wedding planner. No training or formal education is required. Nevertheless, there are classes available for wedding planning. Gain experience by attending weddings, helping friends and family plan their weddings, attending bridal shows, studying wedding magazines, interviewing brides and talking with businesses that serve weddings. These businesses include caterers, florists, DJs and various faith ministers.

Interpersonal and organization skills are important. These traits might be natural or learned. A wedding planner schedules cake tastings for the couple, helps plan the reception menu and finds DJs for the couple's review. Create checklists and carry a binder to record details for each couple and to store paperwork.

Listen to what the couple wants. Try to fulfill their wishes as well as steer them toward a decision that might work for them. Present the couple with a portfolio of wedding ideas or previous weddings. Take photos at each wedding you've planned and show these to the couple.

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Start a wedding-planning business or work for one, depending on your preference.

Consider having a specialty. A wedding planner provides many services, but some specialize in consultation or ensuring wedding day preparations go according to the schedule.

Join the Disney wedding planning team as a consultant by looking online at to look for openings. If there are no openings, contact wedding services and ask for any openings that might be coming available. Send in a resume even if no positions are presently available.