Scrapbooking Ideas for Couples

There comes a time in every couple's relationship that the number of mementos and photos that have been saved over time becomes staggering. Nip this problem in the bud and begin your scrapbooking adventure. In a short amount of time you will have your memories organized and presented in such a way that you will be proud to show how your life together has evolved.

There's a first time for everything!

In every new relationship there are firsts to celebrate; your first meeting, first date, first kiss, first card or first flowers. As most women will attest, each of these firsts has been memorialized with mementos. What woman hasn't kept the card from the first flowers her beau sent her, or a napkin from that first special date? Create a book of firsts starting at the beginning. Use words to describe what first attracted you to him/her. Describe your first impression. If you have pictures, make sure to include them.

Travel the friendly skies together!

One of the easiest scrapbooking ideas for a couple to do is to document their vacations, trips or travel experiences. Collaborate on what should go on each page. Separate your books so that each one is specific to that trip. Include descriptions of the things you saw or experienced. It can help if one or both of you keep a small journal to make notes in while you are traveling. Start at the beginning of your trip and continue until you have returned home.

Life happens when you least expect it!

The general events of your life together make up the memories you'll share as you grow older. Make each other pages of things that are important to you or to you both as a couple. Create a page for your special someone that will tell them what they mean to you. Don't wait until later to put together a page on that great party or that romantic weekend. Your life's scrapbook is your chance to tell your story visually.