Scrapbook Page Ideas for an 18th Birthday

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Scrapbooking for special occasions, such as to commemorate an 18th birthday, preserves pictures and memories in a special way that allows you to fondly look back over your memories. Create a scrapbook as a gift for a loved one or friend who's turning 18, host a scrapbooking birthday party or add a couple of pages to an existing scrapbook to highlight the birthday.

A Collaborative Project

Ask each guest, even friends and family who won't be at the party, to collaborate on a scrapbook for the guest of honor. Send a scrapbook page to prospective guests with the invitations and provide instructions on what to do with it. Write something like "Please decorate this page with words, pictures or anything else you can think of to let Casey how much she means to you. Bring it to the party or send it to (give a name and address) for your page to be added to Casey's 18th Birthday Scrapbook." Another option is to have a scrapbook party where guests create pages during the party. Each guest can design or choose the theme for the pages. You can also assign a theme to each page. Snap a picture of the birthday girl with each of her friends and relatives to add to the pages or create another scrapbook later.

This is Your Life

Create a scrapbook that highlights each year of the birthday boy's life. For example, the first year page could include a couple of baby pictures and any special thoughts or memories you have from that time. Add one or two pages per year to highlight the best, most memorable or funniest moments of his life. This scrapbook is likely to become a treasured keepsake. Friends and family can collaborate on this project together or the birthday boy can make it himself.

The Party

Make a single scrapbook or mini-scrapbook to highlight her 18th birthday. Pages could include guests, the cake, food, festivities (using pictures of the games, dancing or activities taking place) and the gifts. Take plenty of pictures throughout the party to put this together.


Make a mini-scrapbook card for the birthday boy. Highlight your favorite memories of him and include any pictures of the two of you together or small physical embellishments to mark a special memory you share. For example, if you visited a beach years ago and still have seashells you collected together, make a seashell-shaped card and add a few seashells to a couple of pages. The first page could be "Once upon a summer..." with pictures or other memorabilia from that summer trip to the beach. Each page could concentrate on another shared memory, such as concerts or sporting events you've attended. Add pictures, ticket stubs or anything that bring back good memories.