Reasons to Be Thankful for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

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Reaching a milestone of 50 years together as husband and wife is worthy of celebration. Chances are that by the time you have reached five decades with your sweetheart, you have many reasons to be thankful for your life and years together. A golden wedding anniversary is an achievement in partnership and should be approached with gratitude and joy.


One of the benefits of so many years together is that you have undoubtedly built up a legacy. Whether it is children and subsequently grandchildren, a business to which you have dedicated your life, or simply enriching society by remaining in a functional relationship with your spouse -- your best friend -- you will have something to show for your partnership. If your union resulted in a family, watching your children grow into parent roles themselves and utilizing all you tried to teach them can be immensely satisfying.

Entrance to the Golden Years

By a golden anniversary, many people are either retired or quickly approaching that point in their lives. A 50th Anniversary can be both a testament to a partnership that has survived as well as a jumping off point into all the things you talked about doing together "someday." Use this landmark occasion as a time to compile a list of all you expected to do together in your golden years and appreciate the fact that "someday" is right around the corner.

Beating the Odds

As of 2002, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that approximately half of all marriages end in divorce. If you have reached a 50th anniversary, be thankful that not only have you bucked the trend. You stand as an example of marital fortitude and strength to the next generation. You can also be thankful that you have given your children a better start in their own marriages by showing them how to make a relationship last the test of time.


As you celebrate 50 years together, be grateful for a lifetime's worth of experiences and challenges. Although you most likely hit rocky patches in your relationship, take pride in the knowledge that you have learned to work through things as a team and have laid a basis for the coming years when some of the stresses you dealt with before, such as building a career and raising a family, are starting to dissipate. You can evolve once again into just enjoying each other as you likely did when you first began dating more than 50 years earlier.