Prom Queen Poster Ideas

Running for prom queen is an exciting time in a young girl’s life and you want to do it right. Take pride in the poster you are making to run for prom queen. Without a well done poster, no one will take you seriously. Represent your school pride foremost, on the poster, to prove you are a worthy candidate.


Come up with a simple slogan for the poster. Make it catchy and easy to remember. Often, the prom queen is a popular member of the class and well know by all; however, some of those voting may not be familiar with all of those running. Create a slogan that will stick with this voter so they will think of you first.


Work to incorporate your prom theme into your poster. If it is “Starry, Starry Night” use stars to decorate a dark blue poster. Include a picture of you on the poster so face recognition is also working on your side. This will also reinforce your school pride and spirit.

Run Together

Run with an individual vying for prom king and produce a duel poster. You can run as a couple or as individuals – with one message. This will impact your verbiage on the poster – either say “Vote for Jack and Jill King and Queen” or Vote for “Jack Prom King and Vote for Jill Prom Queen.” It is fun to work with others on a project and this will increase your drive to produce great posters and win the titles.

Keep It Simple

You don’t want a poster that is jumbled and messy. The message should be clear and easily readable. The fewer words used the better and decorate the poster with simple images in a limited amount. Ensure the poster includes your name and prom queen prominently. Any images used should not be overpowering your picture on the poster.