New York Wedding Chapels Similar to Las Vegas

Wedding bouquet the bride on background of wedding dress image by Aliaksandr Zabudzko from

Las Vegas has found itself with a bit of competition for their famous Vegas style wedding chapels. Would-be couples now have another choice in selecting where to go for quickie Vegas style nuptuals. New York has developed several one-stop wedding chapels that are much like those of their Vegas rivals.

The Wedding Chapel

Located on Manhattan's Lower East Side, The Wedding Chapel brings a little taste of Vegas to the Big Apple. This one-stop shop features everything from custom decor and accessories to live Internet streaming of the ceremony for friends and family all around the world. The services are performed by an ordained minister from the Universal Life Church and are fully legal and licensed by the state of New York. The Wedding Chapel also performs vow renewals and commitment ceremonies and each couple receives matching T-shirts in observance of their special day. As of August 2010, the cost for a basic wedding ceremony was $350.

Wedding Chapel 139 Norfolk St Lower East Side New York, NY 10002 646-478-7689

NYC City Hall

New York City's Marriage Bureau, located in lower Manhattan has done away with its traditional office look in favor of more festive, Vegas-style decor. The city of New York has transformed its marriage bureau into two authentic-looking Vegas-style wedding chapels capable of holding up to 30 people each. The new wedding chapels are complete with romantic decorations and the couple's choice of photography backgrounds, making the marriage bureau's mini chapels appropriate for a wedding of Vegas proportions. As of August 2010, the cost of the service was $35.00 per couple.

New York City City Clerk's Office Marriage Bureau 141 Worth Street New York, NY 10013 212-639-9675

The Upper Crust

Located in Greenwich Village, The Upper Crust offers all of the color and style of a glitzy Vegas wedding in the heart of New York City. The Upper Crust features a Vegas-style wedding chapel complete with amenities such as flowers, disc jockeys and on-site ministers along with photographers on hand to capture your special day. The Upper Crust also offers reception facilities to accommodate a full wedding party with space for up to 250 people. As of August 2010, there was no set price for wedding services provided by the Upper Crust, as all services are priced based on selection.

The Upper Crust 91 Horatio Street New York, NY 10014 212-691-4570