Mother's Day Gifts She'll (Really) Be Happy to Have

Carrie Waller | Kirsten Nunez | Amanda Nguyen

Everyone knows that moms will always love gifts from their children, but as true as that may be, you don't want to spoil the occasion with a less-than-stellar present. This Mother's Day, give your mom something she'll appreciate and put to good use by blending her many interests with your creative prowess. Whether she's a master chef, has a major green thumb or just needs an excuse to relax, here are 13 ideas that will seem tailored just for her.

Scented Wax Bars for Her Quiet Sanctuary

If your mom is constantly burning candles and is obsessed with fresh florals, these scented wax bars are a great alternative for her reading nook or bathroom vanity. You can even personalize each bar's scent to fit your mom's needs, like using lavender to promote calm.

Lucy Akins

A Pressed Flower Phone Case for Your Texts

Any tech-savvy mom will go crazy for this pressed flower phone case. All you'll need is a clear case, pressed flowers and a coat of decoupage. When she pulls out her cell to snap the 100th picture of the day or to text you (yet) again, she'll have the most stylish phone at her fingertips.

Kirsten Nunez

A Reed Diffuser and Scented Oils for Humble Brags

Help your mom fill her home with the lovely scents of her favorite essential oils with a new reed diffuser. Mix different oils together, like vanilla and chamomile, to create a truly custom perfume that will remind her of you every time she smells it. Grab a clear glass bottle and add a coat of spray paint that matches her decor scheme and she'll proudly put it on display (and brag about your skills every chance she gets).

Carrie Waller

A Painted Tote Bag for Grocery Runs

Make your mom's weekly trip to the farmer's market that much easier with a totally custom tote bag. Put a scrap piece of cardboard inside the bag before you start painting, and let the first layer dry fully before adding the adorable pineapples. This is one bag your mom will gladly flaunt on the regular.

Carrie Waller

Stenciled Wood Statement Art

A perfect gift for the artsy or book-loving momma, this stenciled wood art piece is not only one of a kind, it's also straight from the heart. Adorn it with a favorite family saying or a quote from a book you both love, and she'll put it right above the mantel.

Charlotte Smith

Fizzy Bath Bombs for Some Calming Me-Time

Nothing is more relaxing after a long day than a nice warm bath, and now you can make your mom's favorite indulgence even better. Make a bath bomb with a combination of essential oils, baking soda and cream of tartar, and top it with dried flowers. Not only will this create soothing bathwater, but when she pairs it with a candle and some relaxing tunes, she'll have a straight-out-of-the-spa experience.

Jessica Begum

Resin Paper Weight for Her Work Space

Dress up your mom's desk, whether it's at the office or at home, with a chic resin paperweight. The addition of a cute figurine inside, which could be her favorite animal, of course, will bring a smile to her face even when she's in the midst of writer's block.

Sara Budisantoso

Teacup Planter for Her Famous Feasts

If your mom is a pro in the kitchen, she'll love having this adorable herb garden made of vintage teacups sitting on her windowsill. Drill a small drainage hole in each tea cup and add the plants for a totally unique and feminine aesthetic. Just make sure she invites you over for the next meal featuring herbs. You know, just so you can make sure they're fresh.

Kenzie Mastroe

Rustic Twig Picture Frame for a Shot of Her Favorite Child

All moms love having pictures of their kids around the house. But instead of just sticking that perfect capture in a generic frame, go the extra mile and make one from things in your own backyard. This rustic frame is also kid-friendly, so put grandchildren to work collecting the sticks to make the gift extra special.

Francesca Stone

Framed Leaf Art for Her Nightstand

This framed leaf art will look great on your mom's nightstand next to the stack of books she wants to read. Use one bigger leaf or a few small flowers to fill the plexiglass frame, and you'll have a gift ready to go in a single afternoon.

Francesca Stone

Lace Flower Pots for Her "Growing" Collection

If your mom's house is filled with potted plants, and you know she'd love nothing more than adding to her ever-growing collection, then this project is for you. Dress up plain pots with delicate strips of lace for an unexpectedly cool detail. Then, add your plants and let the compliments roll in.

Amanda Nguyen

Stamped Clay Trivets for Her Cups of Tea

Update your mom's kitchen supplies with a new set of stamped clay trivets and she'll finally be able to throw out the ancient ones she's been using since before you were born. Make a few in different sizes, and she'll always have a place to rest a whisk while whipping up a huge Sunday dinner or a spoon after stirring her morning cup of tea.

Francesca Stone

Apple Candle for Her Minimalist Coffee Table

If your mom is the original minimalist and doesn't want a lot of stuff constantly cluttering her space, make her a gift that is beautiful and temporary. This apple candle will only last for a week or two, but it will make for a beautiful accessory in the meantime. Just make sure you coat the inside of the apple with lemon juice to prevent browning before adding the candle.

Rachel Pereira