Monogram Cricut Instructions

The Cricut die-cutting machine can help you not only create your monogram, but use it in multiple ways as well. The Cricut can cut decorative paper, cardstock, vinyl, and with a special blade, even fabric or composite board. Get creative and make a monogram to use for your big day.

Choose a Cricut Cartridge

There are a multitude of Cricut cartridges to choose from, many of which offer varying fonts. Some cartridges are only image cartridges, so be sure to only choose a cartridge that offers a font. The cartridges are themed, which can help you to make your decision on a cartridge depending on what type of monogram you would like to represent you and your significant other. If you are looking for something formal, the Storybook cartridge may be a good choice for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more basic, simple monogram, the George and Basic Shapes cartridge may be a better choice. If you aren't feeling quite as creative, the Mini Monograms cartridge has ready-made monograms, allowing you to skip the design part and start using them right away.

Using Your Cricut to Display Your Monogram

Using self-adhesive vinyl can help you to use your monogram throughout your wedding events as well as throughout your home. Once you have designed your monogram, you can cut it out in vinyl and adhere it to picture frames, champagne flutes, or even your centerpieces. Cutting out self-adhesive vinyl on a Cricut essentially creates stickers for you to use in whatever way you want to display your monogram. The Cricut Original can help you create a monogram up to 12 inches tall, while the Cricut Expression can cut your monogram out up to 24 inches tall, making it easy to monogram even the doors or windows of your reception hall or home.

Monogrammed Stationery

It was once traditional to not include your monogram in your bridal shower or wedding invitations as it was thought that it should only be used after the couple has been officially married. However, times have changed and the monogram is acceptable to use in any part of your wedding stationery that you please. You can use the Cricut to cut out your monogram to use as seals for your invitations, to glue onto your programs, or even as wedding confetti. If you cut out multiple tiny monograms, as small as 1/4 inch on a Cricut Expression, you could cover the tables at your wedding reception with personalized monogrammed confetti.