Missing You Gifts for Him

gift image by Marek Kosmal from Fotolia.com

Many opt to show, instead of tell, their loved ones just how much they miss them when they are away. If you're looking for a missing-you gift for the guy in your life, consider some of the more masculine options at your disposal. By giving your guy one of these gifts you can provide him with a tangible reminder of your affections and make it clear just how fervently you look forward to your eventual reunion.

Photo Frame

Give your guy a reminder of the good times you have shared by presenting him with a photo frame. Select a frame that fits with his current decor, or instead pick a photo display piece that features symbols or words that denote your relationship, such as a frame reading “True Love” for a boyfriend. Place a picture of you both in the frame to create a ready-to-display piece. If you have a little more to spend, consider a digital photo frame full of photos of special times you have shared together.

Stationery Set

Encourage your guy to engage in the classic practice of letter writing by giving him a stationery set. Select a masculine set featuring bold hues or manly geometric prints. Pair this gift with a book of stamps and a note encouraging him to write to you often to keep the romance alive. Send him your own romantic letter on beautiful stationery to inspire his first letter.

Mix CD

Give your guy a musical reminder of your relationship by creating a mix CD. Fill your CD with melodies that hold special significance for you and your guy. Create a label for your CD using a computer program designed for that purpose to make your creation appear professional.

Key to Your Heart

Remind your guy that he still holds the key to your heart even though he is far from you. Purchase a metal key featuring an elaborate, heart-shaped head specifically designed to serve this purpose, or create your own by spray-painting a spare key red and decorating it with hearts. If you feel comfortable giving the guy a key to your home, this can be a great manner in which to present this gift.

Masculine Stuffed Animal

Many gift givers select a stuffed animal as a cuddly missing you gift. While your guy would likely not want to cozy up to a fluffy, pink teddy bear, he may enjoy receiving a more masculine option. Purchase a stuffed animal with your guy's favorite sports team's logo on it, or a bear in a bold and manly plaid print as a missing you token. You could also visit a store like Build-A-Bear or purchase a stuff-your-own bear kit from a website like Buffy's Bear Friends or Fill A Friend Factory to create a bear for him, making it an even more personal gift.