Mardi Gras Office Party Ideas

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Working through the winter when summer seems a long way off can cause your office to be hit with the winter blues. The cheerful Mardi Gras celebration falls at the end of the winter and can provide an excuse to liven up your office with a party. Use the Mardi Gras season or Fat Tuesday to lighten up the workplace and boost employee morale.

Decorate the Place

The recognized colors of Mardi Gras are green, purple and gold, so use these to turn your office into a Mardi Gras celebration. Hang green, purple and gold streamers and ribbons all around the office. Tape masks to the walls, and place a mask on each employee's desk. Hang beaded necklaces on the backs of all the chairs or from lamp fixtures. Use feathers to decorate the sides of computer screens or bulletin boards.

Call for Costumes

To get everyone in the celebrating spirit, hand out a memo describing typical Mardi Gras dress, requesting that all attendees dress in proper attire. Mardi Gras costumes include masks filled with colorful paint, glitter and sequins, feathered outfits and sequined shirts. Mardi Gras costumes are also noted for satire of current events and people in the news, so encourage creativity.

Provide Music

A true Mardi Gras celebration is filled with plenty of music. New Orleans is home to the most elaborate Mardi Gras parties and parades, so give your party a New Orleans flavor with jazz, trumpets and trombones to get everyone in the mood to dance.

Make Your Own Parade

For the main entertainment of the party, hold your own office parade. Employees can participate by creating mini-floats to display, such as pictures and crafts made from items around the office. Any employee who is particularly talented at dancing or singing can perform during the course of the parade. Provide colorful Mardi Gras umbrellas, and ask the boss to lead the progession of the "second line" parade.