Decorating Party Ideas for Secretary's Day

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Secretary's Day, also known as "Administrative Professional's Day," offers employers a chance to show their assistants, secretaries, and administrators how valuable they are to the office or firm. Throwing a Secretary's Day party can help express this gratitude. However, decorating for a Secretary's Day party can be difficult, especially without the help of your valued administrative assistant. Party decorations based on certain themes can help make your Secretary's Day party unforgettable, boosting team morale.

Spring Themed Party

As Secretary's Day always falls on the last Wednesday in April, celebrate your secretary's hard work by celebrating the arrival of spring. Decorate with flowers, real and fake; this can carry over to the plates and cups you use, as you can easily find flower-themed paper goods at a grocery or chain store. Presenting all of the assistants with spring flowers, like lilies or daffodils, can draw attention to a larger floral centerpiece with these same flowers. Pastel-colored crepe paper and balloons adds the finishing touch to a springtime celebration.

Tropical Getaway Party

Celebrate your assistants' hard work--and the end of a long winter--by throwing a tropical-themed secretary's day party, allowing everyone to "get away" from the office without actually leaving. Cut-outs of palm trees, pineapple table centerpieces, and bright-colored crepe paper and balloons, as well as reggae music, will create a tropical atmosphere within your office. For a special touch, serve non-alcoholic tropical mocktails, like virgin pina coladas and virgin margaritas.

Game-Theme Party

Highlight your secretary's intelligence and fun-loving spirit by throwing a game-theme party. As your guests play trivia games and try to beat each other at pub-quiz type questions, Trivial Pursuit, and even bingo, decorate with a party game theme. Large cut-out crossword puzzles, a dart board (preferably magnetic so that nobody can get hurt), and giant word searches on the walls creates a festive and intellectual spirit for your secretary and guests.