How to Word a "Save the Date" for a Party

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The big party is still weeks away, but you are already hard at work on party preparations. Make sure your guests keep their schedules free for your party by sending “save the date” cards out before your party invitations. This can be especially important if your party will be held on a holiday weekend or if you have out-of-town guests on the guest list.

Prepare and send the "save the date" cards approximately two months before your party.

Include the words “Save the Date” at the top of the cards, and put the party occasion immediately beneath these words. For example, if the party is a surprise birthday party, you might write, “Save the Date! We are surprising Richard with a surprise birthday party!”

Place the party date on the next line down, followed by the time of the party on the next line. The next line down should list the location of the party, including the street address.

Include any special instructions guests may need to know, such as food you would like them to bring or what style attire they should wear.

Provide suggestions for lodging if your guests will need overnight accommodations to attend your party.