Baking Quiche the Day Before the Party

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Quiche is versatile enough to serve as the main dish at your party, or as an appetizer. Cut down on party-day preparations by baking your quiche the day before. Choose from several methods of preparing and storing your quiche, any of which will result in a delicious dish for your guests to enjoy.

Bake Just the Crust

When you bake a quiche the day before a party or other event, the custard filling sometimes makes the crust soggy. To minimize sogginess, fully bake the crust beforehand, but not the filling. Assemble the custard ingredients and refrigerate them. On the day of the party, fill the baked pie shell with the custard. If you add shredded cheese, spread a layer over the crust before pouring the custard. Bake the quiche as usual.

Bake and Refrigerate the Quiche

To prepare the quiche completely the day before the party, bake the crust fully. Brush egg white over the crust before baking to help keep it crisp. Make sure that ingredients such as vegetables and meats are as moisture-free as possible. For example, mushrooms or asparagus should be precooked to remove water. Add the custard and bake the quiche. Cool it for 20 minutes, then refrigerate. On the day of the party, serve the quiche cold, allow it to reach room temperature or warm it in the oven.

Bake and Freeze the Quiche

Although it's only for a day, freezing can preserve the freshness of your quiche. Fully bake the crust, add the custard and other ingredients, and bake the quiche. Let it cool until it's lukewarm, then wrap it in freezer paper, heavy-duty aluminum foil, or seal it in a freezer bag. On the day of the party, remove the quiche from the wrapping or bag, and bake it in a preheated oven. Set the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for 25 minutes.

Bake a Crustless Quiche

To avoid any problems with a soggy crust, make a crustless quiche. This method has other advantages, too. It reduces the calories, and it's much faster than making and baking a pie crust. Grease your pie pan before you add the custard, or use a nonstick spray to cut the calories even further. Check for doneness before the specified time in your quiche recipe, because baking the custard alone will probably take less time than baking it with a crust.