How to Make Your Boyfriend Think of You

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Healthy relationships are something that takes hard work and dedication. Couples go through a series of steps that begins with attraction and ends with a loving friendship. If you have a boyfriend, then you are at one of the earliest stages of the relationship. Keep him interested in you by doing small things that help him remember how special of a person you are. It doesn't take much effort or money. Just follow a few simple steps to make him think of you.

Send him a text. It can be a quick and short, but meaningful. For example, "I was just thinking of you" or "Wanted you to know I miss you!" It's short, sweet and not to overbearing.

Shoot him an email. Write him a love letter, a love poem or a simple message letting him know how much you care. Point out his admirable traits, things you really like about him. Not only will it boost his confidence, he will appreciate the fact that you are the one who sees those things in him.

Leave a note for him in his car. A quick and easy way to get him to think of you. Include your picture and it may even become a keepsake. Spritz a bit of your perfume on the note to make it more personal. Research has shown that scent has a positive influence on the opposite sex.

Give him something to look forward to. Plan a surprise for the next time you go out on a date. Let him know you have something fun planned. He will be sure to think of you after that.

Send him candy or flowers. Most guys like candy, and even flowers upon occasion. Choose a bouquet that is somewhat masculine looking. Darker colored flowers, alternated with white flowers will fit the bill. Tell the florist to leave off the bow. Metallic colors work well for a bouquet for a male.