LDS Baby-Blessing Invitation Ideas

Giving a child a name and blessing within the LDS church is traditionally done during the first six months of life. The child is typically blessed by her father or by another male member of the family who holds the Melchizedek Priesthood. The purpose of the blessing is to celebrate new life as well as introduce the child's name into the church and bless the child with certain strengths and attributes to help him throughout life. This is also a time for families to come together and welcome the child into the world and their family.

Personal or Family Photo

It is customary for a baby who is going to be blessed within the LDS church to wear clothing that is all white; baby girls wear white gowns and boys wear white suits. These outfits are simply known as "blessing clothes." Have the child's picture taken in her blessing outfit and use that for the front cover of your blessing invitations. You will not want to purchase or have the picture taken too soon before the blessing date, since babies at that age grow quickly and may outgrow the outfit before the big day. If you choose to have the baby's picture taken in the blessing outfit, you must take the picture and then immediately send out the invitations (usually within two weeks of the blessing).

Since a baby blessing is also a celebration of an eternal family, having the family included in the invitation is ideal. Have a family picture taken with your new baby. This picture is a great way to introduce the newest member of your family. Add the picture separately to the baby-blessing invitation or have it scanned onto the invitation.


There are many pictures familiar to the LDS religion that depict the Savior, Jesus Christ, with little children. Use one of these pictures for the theme of your baby-blessing invitation. Most of these pictures can be purchased for less than $2 each. You can use the picture itself as the invitation, placing all of the information for the blessing and celebration on the back. These pictures can be found at LDS bookstores, such as Seagull Book or Desseret Book, or at the LDS Distribution Center. They can also be found online at all of these stores' websites. (See Resource 2.)

Wording of Your Invitation

When writing out the invitation for your baby's blessing, certain information must be included. First, the name of the baby should be at the top of the invitation. This will introduce your guests immediately to the guest of honor. Then add the time, date and place (along with the address) of the blessing. Following that should be the information about the family celebration, which is typically held after the blessing.

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