Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife

girl with a christmas gift image by Ales Masner from

When you wait until the last minute to pick up a Christmas gift for your wife, you might need to get creative and bring out the wallet. Keep your wife’s personal tastes in mind, and choose a gift to match.


Jewelry stores carry large inventory during the Christmas season, so you will still be able to find a special gift. Select a stone that matches her eyes and buy a ring, pendant necklace, or earrings. Or choose a strand of colored pearls to match her favorite dressy ensemble. Other options include a watch, a locket that can be personalized with a picture of you both, an ankle bracelet, or a toe ring.


Check her closet to find sizes and see what colors she likes, and buy clothes she would like to wear, which is different from clothes you want to see her in. Instead of a negligee, buy a plush chenille full-length robe to keep her warm on cold nights, or pick out outerwear, such as a tailored trench coat or mid-length leather coat.


A last-minute gift that requires little planning is an intimate vacation away. Decide on the location and pick up a travel guide detailing the hotels, things to do and best times to visit. Wrap it up with a gift card informing your wife that the details were left open for the two of you to decide. This gives the appearance of a thoughtful gift, and she will never know you waited until the last minute to choose it.

Monthly Club

Purchased online and delivered to your door, this gift works when time is ticking down plus allows you to choose an item she would appreciate. All sorts of monthly clubs are available, including flowers, perfumes, spa supplies, chocolates, fresh fruits, nuts, wine, herbal tea and exotic coffee.