Vitamin E and Glycerin Soap Benefits

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Soap made with vitamin E and glycerin is much better for skin because of its natural healing properties and its ability to help retain moisture, according to the website Journey to Forever. Regular commercial soaps tend to dry the skin and sometimes cause itching and irritation. Discover vitamin E and glycerin soaps and purchase homemade products that benefit women’s charities.

Vitamin E Benefits

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The main benefit of vitamin E often united with glycerin soap is its powerful antioxidant effects. Antioxidants fight free radicals from pollutants and toxins in the environment and foods. Free radicals cause cell damage and diseases like cancer, according to the Vitamins and Health Supplements Guide. Vitamin E encourages healing of skin and reduces scarring from injury. Overall, vitamin E shields skin from damage due to its protective properties. It also boosts the immune system.

Vitamin E is used in many natural and commercial beauty products, such as lotions and creams for skin. Applied directly to the skin, vitamin E encourages healing, and combined with glycerin in soap, it is especially beneficial for sensitive skin, according to the Riverview Scent Shop website.

Glycerin Benefits

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Soaps with glycerin help skin to stay soft and supple. According to Journey to Forever, glycerin "moisturizes the skin and it's a natural product of the soapmaking process." However, the site explains that makers of commercial soaps often extract the glycerin so that they can use it in the more profitable manufacturing of creams and lotions. All natural or handcrafted soaps are more expensive than regular soaps because they retain glycerin, but they are much better for the skin.

According to the Sakamoto Yakuhin Kogyo Co., glycerin is a natural substance, which is a "colorless, transparent and odorless sweet, syrupy liquid" found in "higher plants and seaweed and in animals." Also, synthetic glycerin is made from petroleum, but natural glycerin is mainly manufactured around the world, according to company officials. Glycerin is used in many products, from cork to dynamite; however, it is a very safe and useful substance for the skin.

Soap Hope

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Since handcrafted soaps that include other skin-healthy ingredients like vitamin E naturally retain glycerin, it’s best to purchase vitamin E glycerin soap from a natural beauty supply store. If you’re looking to help other women and like the idea of your money going toward charity, buy homemade vitamin E glycerin soap from organizations, such as Global Girlfriend or The Enterprising Kitchen. According to Global Girlfriend, the charity enterprise was created to fight poverty and despair among women and to help women around the world develop and establish independent financial security and support their families. The Enterprising Kitchen is a charity organization that helps women in America.