Instructions for Butterfly Watch Clasps

watch image by petar Ishmeriev from

A butterfly clasp is named for its two "wings" that fold in to close your watch. When closed, it is virtually hidden beneath the band and makes opening and closing simple with no holes or other buckles. Using a butterfly clasp can also keep your leather watch band from unnecessary wear and tear, helping your time piece to last longer. You can purchase a butterfly clasp to fit most bands, but you will need to measure the tube length to get the correct size.

Remove the original buckle from your watch band.

Insert the pin from the butterfly clasp through the tube where the original hardware was located.

Line up the tube and pin with the end of the butterfly clasp and fasten the pin in place.

Thread the end of the watch with the holes through the other side of the butterfly clasp in a counter clockwise direction with the watch face facing away from you.

Fasten the clasp through the appropriate hole in the watch band, testing it on your wrist for correct fit.

Put the watch on your wrist.

Press the "wings" down so that they meet in the middle and lie flat, closing the watch. Adjust the fit as necessary.

Press the small push buttons to open the butterfly clasp.