Ideas for Volunteer Thank You Certificates

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Volunteers complete projects without expecting something in return. That doesn't mean that a small thank you gift isn't greatly appreciated. A certificate thanking the volunteers for their help allows them to understand how much their work meant to the individuals or the group that was helped. When preparing a thank you gift certificate, it doesn't have to be extravagant, but if it's personalized it will mean more to the volunteer.

Group Thank You

If the volunteers have helped a group, such as a youth group, have each of the members of the group sign the certificate. The certificate can say something simple, such as thanking the volunteer for helping with the project, and listing the project's name on the certificate. Each of the members of the youth group can then sign either the front or back of the certificate with a small message thanking the volunteer for his help.

Thank You Certificate With Photographs

Allow the volunteer to share how she helped the group with her friends and family. Print out a certificate thanking the volunteer for her help on the project. Include photographs on the certificate of the volunteer helping. This could be something like pictures of helping to build a house for Habitat for Humanity, or it could be a smaller project, such as working at a school fair, and feature pictures of the volunteer running a game booth or preparing food at the fair. This thank you certificate can then be framed for display.

Thank You Certificate With a Reward

Give your volunteers a reward that thanks them for volunteering with your group. If your group has a corporate sponsor, ask it to donate gift certificates for the volunteers. These gift certificates could be for items such as dinner at the sponsor's restaurant. Another option would be movie passes attached to the thank you certificate. If the project involved helping with opening a retail establishment or an event at one, a discount certificate for future purchases at that retail establishment are other thank you certificate ideas. Words are great, but a small gift adds that extra touch for the volunteer.