Ideas for Silver Anniversary

The 25th wedding anniversary is referred to as the silver wedding anniversary and is regarded as a marital milestone. Whether the married couple decides to mark the day with family and friends or in a more intimate atmosphere, it deserves to be celebrated.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Traditions

The 25th wedding anniversary was deemed the silver anniversary because traditionally wreaths of silver were presented to the wife to symbolize 25 years of marriage. Traditions evolve, and the 25th wedding anniversary tradition has grown to include elaborate parties and gifts of sterling silver.

Silver Anniversary Party

A silver anniversary party is most often hosted by the grown children of the married couple. Close friends and family are often invited to join in the celebration, which includes food, dancing and reminiscing over the past 25 years. Often included in the party is a slide show or video of the couple's life together.

Decorations for a Silver Anniversary Party

Silver and white should be the color scheme of balloons, streamers and napkins used to decorate the party area. Strands of white lights could serve as the main source of lighting. Table centerpieces can easily be made out of white candles placed on elaborately designed silver candle holders. Drape silver and white beads around the candle holders for a more romantic effect. A guest book should be set up for guests to send wishes to the married couple, and various photos throughout their 25 years of marriage should adorn the room.

Silver Anniversary Gifts

Since it's the silver anniversary, popular gifts include photo frames, serving dishes and candle holders in sterling silver. Money is also a common anniversary gift. It's easy to put some creativity into giving money by simply spray painting a small fake tree silver and attaching $25 in one dollar bills to the branches using bread ties or giving the couple $25 in silver dollars.

Renewing Wedding Vows

Many couples choose to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary by renewing their wedding vows. Such an event can be held with family and friends in attendance or it can be a more intimate occasion shared only by the couple. The ceremony can be made more romantic if the couple decides to write their own vows--showing how much they are still in love after 25 years together.

Celebrating as a Couple

Some couples choose to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary in a more intimate atmosphere. Consider a romantic dinner for two and an evening of dancing. For a celebratory vacation, some couples choose to return to their honeymoon spot, while others choose a vacation they may not have been able to afford as newlyweds.