Ideas for Jungle Themed Fancy Dress

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"Fancy dress" is the British English term for a costume. Fancy dress, or costume, parties are a fun way to celebrate a variety of occasions, with the most obvious being Halloween. Ideas for jungle-themed fancy dress can include variations of jungle men, women and animals, which can work for adults and children alike. Small, creative details can make your jungle costume take on a life of its own.


Common jungle animal costumes include tigers and leopards, elephants, exotic birds and monkeys. You can make these costumes at home, using materials such as animal-print fabrics, bright clothing, feathers and large ears cut out from cardboard. You can also find jungle animal costumes in retail stores and online. Tiger cub and baby elephant costumes work well for the younger set, while an adult might wear a leopard-print jumpsuit.


Jungle-themed fancy dress can also include dressing up as individuals traditionally associated with jungle settings like the well-known couple, Tarzan and Jane, as well as jungle warriors, tribesmen and safari explorers. As with jungle animal costumes, you can make these looks at home or purchase ready-made costumes. Use an animal print fabric to create a one-shouldered look, typically associated with jungle or cave people, while you can combine beige clothing, hiking boots and binoculars to create a safari adventurer costume.

Additional Ideas

It's also helpful to think outside the box when deciding on a jungle-themed costume. Ideas that delve outside the realms of animals and characters include reptiles and insects, such as snakes, spiders and butterflies, or plant life including trees, ferns and flowers. These costumes are may be harder to create at home and find at the store, but can be worth it in the end when you're a hit at the party.

Creative Details

Adding creative, interesting details can turn a good costume into a great one. A fun way to achieve a more authentic jungle look is through makeup and hair. Big, disheveled wigs suit jungle characters quite well, while leopard print, tiger stripe or gray facial makeup adds realism to big cat and elephant costumes. For character costumes, you can add streaks of fake dirt to your face or use bronze makeup to create a darker, tanned complexion. You might want to add some accessories as well. Try tying a plastic bone in your hair if you're dressing up as Jane, or carrying a map if you're a jungle safari explorer.