Ideas for a Beach Boys Party

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The Beach Boys formed in 1961, and surviving members are still touring as of 2010 with a possible 50th-anniversary tour in the works. Arguably one of the most popular bands in history, the Beach Boys have had more than 50 top-100 singles. Holding a Beach Boys party can be an exciting theme for a birthday, summer event or just an excellent way to spend a Saturday night.


Have an old-fashioned beach blanket party just like in the '60s, right on the beach. Start it when it's light out so that everyone can enjoy some sports and water play, then build a big bonfire and dance the night away on the sand. If you can't have it on the beach, have it outdoors with a beach theme. Use a fire pit for your bonfire, plant tiki torches all around and hang beach-party theme decorations, such as blow-up beach balls, fishing nets and cardboard cut-out surfboards.

Hire a Band

Hire a Beach Boys tribute band. The Beach Boys are one of rock 'n' roll's most influential groups, and just like Elvis and the Beatles, there are a lot of performers who will mimic their style, songs and even appearance for an event. Book bands well in advance, and always audition a band and get references before paying a deposit. Check with your local parks department if you're having your party on a public beach to see if you need a noise permit.


One of the Beach Boys' hits was "Kokomo." In it, they sing about many islands in the Caribbean. Take a cue from this and have a Caribbean island buffet. Some excellent choices are jerk chicken, callaloo (greens), breadfruit, crab legs, rice and beans and a fruit salad made of mangos, guavas and papayas. Serve a passion-fruit punch in coconut cups with little bamboo umbrellas.


You can't think of the Beach Boys without thinking of surfing. Set a surfboard on two cinder blocks and have guests take turns balancing on it. Have other guests try to knock them off by throwing water balloons at them. See who can stay on the longest. Get some remote-controlled T-bird cars and have obstacle-course races with them. Of course, have a Beach Boys dance-off to a popular hit such as "Barbara Ann" or "Surfin' USA."

Invitations and Favors

Write your invitation with a permanent marker on a rubber flip-flop or Styrofoam boogie board. Your guests will get a kick out of receiving these big, bold party announcements. Stuff your party favors into a plastic beach pail. Give your guests a Beach Boys CD, some sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm, thongs and other things they might use on the beach.