Ideas for a 25th Wedding Anniversary

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Being married for a quarter of a century calls for an elaborate celebration, whether hosted by the couple, friends or family. Any 25th wedding anniversary should have an appropriately decorated party complete with gifts and an elegant cake. Use any theme you want, but you should in some way incorporate silver, which represents the 25th anniversary.

Ways to Celebrate

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One way to celebrate is by throwing a surprise party for the couple. You can host the party at someone's home or at a nice restaurant. Someone needs to be in charge of inviting the couple over or out to dinner, and everyone else should park in inconspicuous places if possible. Even if it isn't a surprise, you can have a huge backyard barbecue, picnic, park or beach celebration, rent a reception hall or make use of the couple's favorite restaurant.

Renewing wedding vows is another popular way to celebrate a 25th anniversary because it reaffirms the couple's love and dedication to each other. The renewal ceremony can be intimate or as lavish as a traditional wedding.

Second honeymoons are also common ways to celebrate. Revisit your original honeymoon spot, favorite vacation locations or go somewhere new that you both have always dreamed of going. Perhaps you wanted to honeymoon in Europe or the Caribbean originally, but finances weren't available. Take that trip now and rekindle those newlywed feelings.

Party Decorations and Special Touches

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Party decorations can include any theme that is symbolic of the couple, or you can play up the silver theme. Include the theme on the invitations. If the celebration will be formal, send formal invitations embossed with silver ink. For surprise parties, make sure that information stands out.

Use the couple's hobbies, interests, life together and future plans for inspiration on coming up with the theme. For instance, if the couple is taking a trip to Hawaii, use a beach or tropical theme and add silver touches. If they are avid fans of a particular sports team, incorporate that into the theme--but only if both are truly into it.

Silver, heart-shaped confetti can be sprinkled around the gift, food and cake table. Silver and white three-tier cakes are elegant and appropriate for larger parties. Use silver roses or candles to decorate. Silver streamers, balloons, table cloths, tulle and satin bows, napkins, paper plates and paper cups can be used.

Collages can be made and displayed of the couple's life together. Every guest can create a scrapbook page, which could be used to decorate the party and then given to the couple as a gift later.


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Gifts can be elegant or something else. For instance, if the couple never got to go to Hawaii, everyone can pitch in and send them there, which coincides with the tropical or beach-themed party. Small hints throughout the party will all make sense when they open the envelope with their plane tickets or travel information.

Season tickets or really good seats to a big game work great for avid sports fans. For Dallas Cowboy fans, for instance, decorate in blue and silver with blue stars and let the couple open personalized Dallas jerseys first. Then, as the last gift, they will be pleasantly surprised with game tickets. If they don't live in Dallas, perhaps make an entire vacation out of sending them to a game.

Silver-plated picture frames, decorative engraved plates, clocks, jewelry, poetry written in silver ink, dishes, vases and candelabras are all classic 25th wedding anniversary gifts. You can mix it up or create your own silver gift.

The couple can give each other silver gifts as well. Perhaps a silver "couples" ring for her, with both of their birthstones, and a silver watch or cuff links for him. Personalized picture frames also make nice touches.