Ideas of Things to Do for a First Wedding Anniversary

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First wedding anniversaries often find a married couple still wildly in love and looking to host a rich and romantic celebration of their first year of marriage. This expectation makes the first wedding anniversary very important, especially as a bad first anniversary can set the tone for further disappointing anniversaries. Make your anniversary special with your spouse this year and every year thereafter.

Paper Crafts

Each anniversary has a traditional "gift" and the first anniversary's gift is paper. Instead of going out and buying a simple paper gift, make some paper gifts and crafts with your spouse. These crafts should be items that reflect your love. For example, if your wife really enjoys reading a specific author's work, you can create a greeting card for her that resembles her favorite book by that author. You could also write her some poems or a short story reflecting your love for her. Make some crafts together but make sure you do some as a surprise for her. Working together brings you close on your first anniversary but having a surprise gift will romantically surprise her.


Starting a marriage and anniversary scrapbook on your first anniversary can start a romantic tradition you can both look forward to each year. Place items in your scrapbook that reflect your first year of marriage together. For example, add pictures of you and your husband from your honeymoon as well as ticket stubs from any movie, play or concert you attended that first year. Other great items can include romantic letters, short descriptions of things you've both done or even ultrasound pictures if you are expecting or have already delivered your first child. Continue placing items in your scrapbook on each of your anniversaries.

Second Honeymoon

Honeymoons are a vacation where two newly married people get away from the wedding's excitement and stress and enjoy each other's company. A second honeymoon on your first anniversary can help keep the spark of excitement alive in your marriage. Although you may not be able to have as expensive or long of a honeymoon the second time, you can still have a great time. Pick a town you and your wife enjoy visiting and rent a hotel room there for at least two nights. Explore your favorite places in the town and experience new ones. Visit a new restaurant and order dishes you've never eaten. Go to local concerts to hear bands you've never heard. Lavish all of your attention on her, including hand feeding her and giving her back rubs.

Stay at Home

Staying at home on your first anniversary may seem like a dull idea but not if you plan it properly. To start, take the day off from work to plan everything while your husband is at work or vice versa. Lay flower petals on the floor and use candles to scent the house. Place chocolates around the house in various small containers. Rent several of your favorite romantic movies and cook a meal you both love. Make a mix CD containing your favorite romantic songs, including "your" song. When he comes home, the two of you should turn off your phones, close the blinds and lavish attention on each other for the rest of the day. This day may actually work better if you both take the whole day off and plan everything together.