Ideas for a 20 Year Wedding Anniversary

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Reaching your 20-year wedding anniversary is definitely a cause for celebration. The traditional gift for a 20th wedding anniversary is china and the modern one platinum, so using these as a base would make a good start to the celebrations and gift giving.

Chinese Theme

If you are having a party, have Chinese lanterns around the room, chimes tinkling and ask the guests to wear Chinese clothes. Chinese music could be playing in the background and serve Chinese food. If possible, you can all sit on cushions and eat with chopsticks. Use your best china to serve the food.


Give each other platinum eternity rings or roses. For a party, keep everything silver colored including the balloons, streamers and paper plates. Ask the guests to dress in silver. Have the video of your wedding playing in the background, if you have one, or projected on the wall. Music could be what was in the charts on the day you married.


A china guardian angel with your names engraved below is a long lasting gift. A full tea set of bone china is perfect for a 20-year wedding anniversary. Engraved china plates can be put on the wall. Buy a book that contains news and events that happened during the year you married (see Resources).

Trip to China

Take a trip to China and see all the sights. Use a tour company with an English speaking guide. Choose from a selection which includes the Silk Road, China's major cities or mystical Tibet (see Resources). Record it all and save alongside your wedding video if you have one.