How to Word a Double Baby Shower Invitation

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Hosting a double baby shower for two expectant mothers who share the same circle of friends or family can add to the festivities, convenience and cost-efficiency for everyone involved. Coordinate complementary themes or colors for each baby, which gives each mother-to-be her own special recognition while still blending the two showers into one. Invitations that picture two mothers with two baby carriages, or a Noah's ark theme would work well. Word the invitations so that guests know the shower is for both sets of parents-to-be.

Start the invitation by immediately letting guests know they are being invited to a double baby shower. A Noah's Ark "two by two" theme will work perfectly and be very cute, as well. Use very clear wording to communicate the double event, such as "You're invited to celebrate with Lisa and Jane, as they are both expecting!" Use the family last name, if it is the same for both babies, or list all of the expecting parents' names.

Reiterate that the shower is for two expecting moms more than once in the invitation. For example, on the inside you can add a verse such as, "Bottles, diapers and laundry in a heap... Lisa and Jane will soon have no sleep!"

Inform guests of the gender of both babies, if known. For example, "Oh boy! Oh boy! Lisa and Jane are both having boys! We're "expecting" you to join us!"

Opt for a unified cover with separate inside information. For example, the front can say, "Two bundles of joy are on their way, so please reserve this special day." Then, use each of the inside panels of the invitation to give separate details. For example, on the left side you could write "Tea parties, baby dolls and dress up clothes, Jane's having a girl who'll wear ribbons and bows!" On the right side, you could say "Trains, motorcycles and automobiles, Lisa's having a boy who'll love cool toys with wheels!" The lower half of both panels can share the day, time and RSVP information for the shower.

Write out all of the information you'd like to include on the invitation, including registry information for both mothers, if available. If you only have registry information for one mother, do not include it. Everything has to be treated equally for both. Once you have the invitation written in a way that you like, order or print the actual invitations.