How to Wear Hair Down With a Tiara,

You have probably seen many pictures of real and imaginary princesses wearing elaborate hairstyles and crowned with glittering tiaras. However, it is also entirely acceptable to wear a tiara with your hair down, and this style can be even more breathtaking than the traditional elaborate coiffing. Many brides have adopted this style so that they can leave their hair flowing and still adorn it with a small, headband-like tiara.

Blow dry your hair. Flip it over your head and dry from the bottom up for increased volume.

Style your hair however you wish. If you are going to curl or tease it, do this part of your beauty routine now.

Spray your hair with hair spray. Lightly mist your hair so that it still has some movement. Focus on the top of your head and the hair around your face.

Place the tiara on your head. Angle the front forward so that it is standing up slightly. People looking at you straight on should be able to see the center design of the tiara clearly. If you do not feel that it is secure, then use two or four bobby pins above and behind your ears to fix it in place.

Spray your hair with hair spray again. You only need to spray the area around the tiara. Do not use too much hairspray or you will dull the jewels.