How to Send Roses

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Sending roses to a loved one shows your care and compassion for them. Sending roses yourself is easy and less expensive than ordering from a flower shop or online flower delivery company. With proper preparation and packaging of the roses, they should arrive fresh and beautiful at your loved one's home.

Obtain fresh roses stems that have not bloomed yet from either a flower shop or your own yard, if you happen to grow roses. Cut them from your bushes early in the morning. Place the stems in a bucket of water with a pack of flower preservative, which can be obtained from a floral shop.

Soak three to four sheets of newspaper in water. Wrap the rose stems in the newspaper, leaving the buds unwrapped.

Place the newspaper-wrapped stems into a grocery store vegetable bag, tying the bag lightly to allow air to flow through the bag. Leave the buds and leaves unwrapped.

Line a box that is long enough to accommodate the roses with insulated liners to keep the roses cool during shipment.

Place the roses in the shipping box. Add in tissue paper to fill in any extra spaces to prevent movement during shipment.

Tape the box with packing tape. Address the mailing label with the recipient's name and address. Mail it via overnight mail to ensure fast delivery.